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Originally established in 1995, Writtle Forest Consultancy Ltd is based in Chelmsford, Essex and provides arboricultural, ecological and woodland consultancy services. The company works primarily throughout London, the Home Counties and the East of England, though often our work takes us throughout the UK.

Planning and development, in relation to trees and ecology, is a major part of our work.

We work with both large and small scale planning projects. Our focus is toward achievable solutions working for our client's requirements, whilst maintaining the ecological and arboricultural integrity of the scheme.


Management of trees is a fundamental aspect of the company. We have established experience in creating management strategies as well as producing inventory surveys and risk assessments. We provide clients with solutions to managing their tree stock in terms of best practice and their legal obligations. Survey data can provide other information for the client such as value of tree stock and carbon capture.


We deal with all aspects of woodland management, from detailed management plans, ecological surveys, woodland condition assessments and timber measurement.

We provide advice and liaise with timber buyers and end users on behalf of the client and advise on infrastructure requirements for harvesting and processing as well as potential grant opportunities and applications.


We specialise in tree health and condition using decay detection technology, soil analysis and DNA identification of pests and disease.

We offer integrated management systems for trees and woodlands, including ancient, veteran and high amenity value trees.