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Typically plans are for a 10 or 20 year period. We aid with all aspects of the woodland management through the duration of the plan. Grants whilst variable, can be sourced and attributed to aspects of the work programme. We research availability and make application on behalf of the client. The general services we can provide include:

  • Forest and woodland management, planning and strategy
  • Bio-diversity planning, monitoring and maintenance
  • Grant advice and applications.
  • Forest design and planning including tree planting and associated projects


Measurement of standing stock will provide the owner with an understanding of value as well as aid long-term strategy for the woodland.

  • We advise on infrastructure requirements and feasibility studies for harvesting and processing.
  • We provide advice and liaise with timber buyers and end users.
  • We grade and test the quality of timber for construction purposes.
  • Carry out inventories of standing and roadside, timber and round wood sales.
  • Advise and take inventory on carbon trading.


Woodland health and condition is a growing concern. Climatic change, rising pest and disease issues and increasing demand for timber place more demands on woodlands.

Our research and survey work develops integrated pest management and forest health programmes to combat these issues.


Woodland management involves a wide understanding of woodland ecosystems, including woodland management systems, health and condition, ecology and sale of end product.

We deal with all aspects of this management; from detailed management plans, ecological surveys, woodland condition assessments and timber measurement.

We can provide advice and liaise with timber buyers and end users. We also advise on infrastructure requirements for harvesting and processing as well as potential grant opportunities and applications.

We can further grade and test the quality of construction timbers, both prior to use and within the build. This includes for testing old timber sections within pre-existing builds.

Our woodland clients are generally private woodland owners as well as charitable Wildlife Trusts.