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Cavities, cracks, holes and decay have the potential to affect the structural integrity of trees. We utilise several different pieces of equipment in order to assess the effect these defects have on the tree. The risk posed will be assessed and where required recommended remedial works given within a written report.


The ARBOTOM® is an impulse tomography unit that enables an inside view of condition of stems and limbs with no damage to the tree.

Decay, cracks and cavities, not visible externally in the standing tree are plotted by the ARBOTOM® using sound impulses.

The unit records easy to understand, two or three dimensional measurements of internal condition by attaching typically between 12 and 18 sensors to the stem or limb.

Tests are conducted in the zone suspected by the arboriculturalist to be the weakest based on the visual tree assessment.

The resulting tomogram depicts a precise image of the size and location of the defect and the resultant strength loss of the cross-section.


Similarly, to the ARBOTOM® these devices are used to detect internal cavities, decay and cracks.

A small diameter bit is drilled into the wood and the resistance recorded electronically. Thus, wood quality can be determined and defects detected.

Typically, the RESISTOGRAPH® is used in areas difficult to access with the ARBOTOM®, such as height.

It is also used to check the integrity of non-living wood structures.


Should defects/ weakness in the root system be suspected, we can conduct preliminary assessment of primary root condition using the ARBORADIX® system. The unit is set up as for the ARBOTOM®, however the sound impulses are applied not to the stem but to the ground above the root zone. Because no excavation is required the testing is quick to perform.

The resulting tomogram can be sufficient to indicate whether the tree has significant weakness in the root system. Confirmation by excavation and inspection of some or all of the structural roots is recommended when the roots system is indicated to be severely weakened.